Friday, April 20, 2012

Antique Dresser for a Princess

I know this sweet, adorable, darling, and a tad bit precocious little girl.  She is a princess and I am lucky enough to call her my daughter.  When she comes to my shop and sees what I'm working on she inevitably asks, "Who's that for?"  I know what's behind that question. :)  She has no closet to call her own in her room (it's full of her dad's hunting stuff) so all of her toys are out in her room.  She's been wanting a piece of furniture that I've done for her own, but there just hasn't been any place to put it.  Finally I told her if she would clean out her room and get rid of some of her toys then we could repaint her room and I would do a piece of furniture for her.  What a trooper!  She went through every single toy in her room and ended up with with a 13 gallon garbage bag of stuff to get rid of and two 30 gallon totes of stuff to sell!  So, I found this dresser and told her it could be hers.

I took her to my shop, showed her the dresser (when it looked like the before pic), and said. "This is your dresser honey!"  Bless her little heart, she said, "Oh."

You're getting to see the after before she does, so I hope she likes it a little better now! :)  She picked out the hardware for it (with just a tiny bit of persuasion on my part....just to point her in the right direction you know ;) ).

You know I love these feet!!

I showed her these jewel encrusted knobs and she immediately said, "I want those!"  She has good taste. ;)

So excited for her to see it (and I know what I will be painting tomorrow!).

color = Extra White SW
Stain = Espresso Minwax
knobs = Hobby Lobby

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