Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Featured Pieces

I'm so excited that a few of my pieces have been featured! There are so many creative people out there who do amazing things with their time and talent!   I'm honored that a few of them have chosen some of my pieces to recognize on their blogs (that still amazes me!).  It's always a great feeling when someone else loves what you do!

You can find the lovely ladies who have featured these pieces on my sidebar under the tag "I've Been Featured!"  They really are so very talented.  I promise you will be inspired when you pay them a visit!

Here they are:


Vintage Highboy in Custom Blue

You can find the blogs where these have been featured on my sidebar under "I've been featured!"  I highly recommend checking them out!


  1. Really wonderful pieces, you are so talented. Thanks for sharing.

    Small House / Big Sky Donna / White Oak Studio Designs / SW Michigan
    Hand-Painted Vintage Furniture Transformations
    Facebook: (for portfolio of chalk painted work)

  2. We love your site! You are an incredible painter and very talented. We can't believe how you have transformed those wonderful pieces. Sharon and Denise

  3. Hi I just found your site . Your creations are fantastic. I am truly inspired. I have just started doing my own furniture and love creating. You really have fantastic ideas. Vanessa ( Australia)

  4. Your work is incredible. Love the colors.

  5. Hi Lisa. I was browsing thru your pieces after I commented on your black desk you just finished. I have to say what a talented painter you are. Your pieces are so creative and so beautifully done. I just spied that big buffet. It's two-tone with black and wood staged w/the wreath and little topiary. What a statement piece! Truly amazing. you don't have a link to click on to take me to the post so I don't know what you called it. Did you sell that one? Anyway, just wanted to give you a ton of compliments cuz I know it's fun to hear!

  6. Hi! I recently stumbled onto your site via the teal vanity photo. Wow, I love love love that one. In fact, I loved it so much I did my own rendition of your paint style on my own antique vanity. It was one I rescued from a junk store. I will be applying the poly this weekend and it will be complete. It is stunning. Thank you for the inspiration!

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