Saturday, January 11, 2014

French Provincial in Antique White

It's not too often I find a piece of furniture that doesn't need any work done.  But, this gorgeous FP chest of drawers had been refinished once already and whoever did it had repaired all the drawers and filled in all the dings!  So, whoever you were-ThAnK YoU!! 

When I saw it on CL I already had someone in mind for it.  I showed her the pic as soon as I got home and she said "Yes To The Dress(er)"!  ;)  Now, the hard part.  Picking the color!  She didn't want it too white or too dark (and who knew there were a gazillion choices in white, right?).  She was feeling a little confused and a little overwhelmed (who hasn't when trying to pick paint?!) so I paid her a visit in her home and together we figured it out.  She chose Antique White from Behr (I had it color matched at Sherwin Williams) and I think it is so, completely beautiful on this piece.  

*Tip:  when picking white (or any color really) you want to be mindful of its undertones.  They can be pink, yellow, gray...and it's easiest to tell this by holding up paint swatches next to each other.   Opposing undertones don't look good next to each other so it's best to take the paint swatches to your home and put them up where your piece of furniture will actually be.  Usually you can rule out a few colors right away because they just won't look "right".  And, remember, the lighting in the paint store is most likely not the same as the lighting in your home, and it does matter!



It always makes me a little sad when the pics just don't do the piece justice.  She has beautiful, subtle curves and is silky smooth! :)

 I can't say enough how putting a little extra work into your piece will make all the difference in the finish.  I sanded every inch of this dresser with fine, superfine, and then 1000 grit.  You can tell.  It looks amazing!

 I am such a sucker for a FP pull.  The detail and the patina on these were incredible so I just left them as is (after cleaning them with soap and water).

 Cute feet and a lovely skirt!

 You probably already know that I keep the tops natural on every piece that I can.  It provides a break for the eye and gives a piece definition.  I love the contrast of a dark top against creamy white.

So glad she found a beautiful home already!

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  1. Simply gorgeous Lisa! Perfect color choice!

  2. I really like this piece! I'm new to your blog...have been looking around. You are very talented!
    I am your newest follower!

  3. How do you repaint the top if it has scratches????

  4. How do you repaint the top if it has scratches????

  5. Found this on Pinterest... just wanted to mention that I own this bedroom set (also used by my mom as a child) and you refinished it to very near its original color. Though the top was cream, also. Great job!


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