Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Antique Sewing Machine

I have a confession.  I'm kind of a home body.  I love being here and if I don't have to go anywhere I don't.  I know, I'm boring.  But, my home is my safe haven and it works for me. :)  

So, I hate going out and actually "picking" for furniture (there's got to be some kind of delivery system where it will just show up in my garage, right?).  It seems like it's harder and harder to come by and I have so little patience for shopping around.  But, it's better when Craig comes with me.

 One little problem.

 He doesn't like to go furniture picking any more than I do! :)  We have a local habitat for humanity right in town and I have to admit I've never even been in it before.  But, they had a cute vanity that I found through CL and was interested in, so I asked Craig if he wanted to stop by with me last weekend.  I passed on the vanity, but I found this sweet, little vintage sewing cabinet.  I just love these things!  They make great end or bedside tables and you can usually pick them up for a fairly decent price.  I was a little bummed at having to pass on the vanity, but being able to bring this little cutie home made up for it...a little. 

*When I say "cutie"  I should specify potential cutie because she certainly is lacking at the moment! 

Yup, not much going for her here folks. 



This is seriously cute.  People ask me all the time if it's hard to sell the things I paint, and I always say,
"YES!" :)

I'm kinda crushin' on this antique white now.  Which is funny because last year I refused to paint anything this color unless someone requested it.  I wonder why that is??

It had a pretty wood top, but it was rough in places.  I sanded it down and stained it in Early American so you could see the character.  It has a unique grain and turned out very pretty.  I like that it looks just a little more rustic and not as formal as a dark stain would.

 I think the pull just makes this piece.  I love how it is front and center in the middle of all that creamy white and says, "Here I am.  Look at me!"

 Normally when I do a sewing machine cabinet I screw the lid down, but I liked the idea of being able to open this one up and using it for a writing desk if you wanted to.  The inside, behind the door is painted the same color.

Funny story.  I had someone come pick up a piece of furniture last week.  When she walked into my garage she said, "This is where you take your pics??!"  I just laughed.  Yep!

color = Antique White by Behr color matched at Sherwin Williams

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  1. A definite cutie, Lisa! I love the white with the stained top and the pop of blue on the inside is a nice surprise. I would never think to 1. screw the top down or 2. leave it to open and use as a writing desk. Love both ideas!

  2. This is SO cute! I love the pull! This is exactly what I need for my guest bedroom you know....


  3. Jestem pełna podziwu dla Twojej pracy i rezultatów jakie osiągasz. Dla mnie bajka:))


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