Thursday, May 1, 2014

Antique Oak Chest of Drawers

When I saw this dresser on CL I was so focused on the cute legs I didn't see much else.  And, when I picked it up I was having such a good time talking with the woman that I didn't look very closely at it.  When I got it home I realized the legs weren't original to the dresser and looked very out of place.  Such a bummer because that's why I bought it!  I still make rookie mistakes. ;)

Oh well, it's still a cute little chest of drawers!

I removed the legs and when I started sanding it down I realized how rough it really was.  I thought a more rustic look for it was more fitting as it had lots of "character". :) 



I know I've said it a thousand times but I really don't like oak!  The grain is so heavy and I spend half my time worrying about how to cover it up.  I recently did a oak hall tree and decided to work with the grain instead of against it! (A great life lesson too!)

I white washed it to pop the grain and love how it gives the paint such depth. 

 Aren't these side panels adorable?!  Love them!

This dresser did have original keyholes.  They were missing and the woman I bought it from had refinished it many years ago and replaced the keyhole covers.  I decided to keep them but thought they were too much with the pulls she had decided to put on.  I ditched those and chose a more petite pull as to not compete with the keyhole covers.

 The top had LOTS of dents and dings and I couldn't sand them all out because a few were really deep.  I decided it was ok because they are a part of its history.  I don't sell new furniture.  I sell furniture that has already lived a life (or two or three) and is ready for a new one!

SOLD  $295.00
dimensions:  42"W x 19.5"D 

color = French Blue from Old Town Paints
stain = Java Gel from General Finishes
clear coat = Polyacrylic from Minwax in satin


  1. I can't believe it's the same piece! It gorgeous now! Great move to remove the legs...they looked like they were the wrong scale for the piece.

    1. Thank you Robin! I had a hard time deciding to ditch the legs-hubby had to do a little persuading, but I'm so glad I did!

  2. LOVE!!! looks like a totally different piece!!

    1. Thank you Martina! It's funny because sometimes I get done with a piece and I'm a little unsure what others will think of it. THEN I have people like you, whom I know have fabulous taste :) , that like it and it's such a relief to me! Seriously. :)

  3. Gorgeous, Lisa! It actually looks better without the legs. Love the hardware you added and their color works well with the blue.

    1. Thank you Kathy! *see reply to Martina's comment. :)

  4. OMGoodness, that's beautiful, Lisa! Enjoy your day, Gail

  5. It is wonderful now. I like it so much with "no legs" - the bottom is really pretty and it's a beautiful choice of color & pulls.

  6. Beautiful choice of color. I also like it better without the legs!

  7. Awww...she's adorable! Even if you did whack her legs off. How did your show go??


  8. So much better without the legs. It looks more grounded now. And I love the blue with the whitewash - really pretty!

  9. I like it so much more with the legs off, you are awesome. Great color too.

  10. Looks gorgeous! For the tops of these pieces when you show the real wood, do you still use the same satin stain or how are you making it glossier?

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