Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Depression Era Hutch

 I love when people contact me about furniture.  They have something they want to part with and it saves me a lot of looking!  When a friend approached me about this Depression Era hutch I knew I wanted it. :)

I don't see many of them around anymore and I just love them. This one was dark and dated and I wanted to bring out all the wonderful details.  I know there are wood lovers out there who hate what I do, but, to me, so many of the pretty parts of antiques aren't really noticeable when all the wood is so dark.  Paint really makes them pop. Not that I am justifying myself. ;)



I desperately need to get rid of some paint, so I mixed a few colors I had on hand (ha!) to create this gorgeous, soft turquoise.  Pics just don't seem to do the blues justice (they never pick up the green in the blue, if you know what I mean).  It's a hint of blue, green, and fave!

 This is a little truer to the color.  I chose Cottage White by Behr (color matched at Sherwin Williams, of course) for the details.  I also undercoated the entire piece with it, so when I distressed the white would show through.  I love the combination of the white with the blue and the dark wood. 

 You know I adore a beautiful leg and does she have some pretty ones!!  Check those babies out!!

 I lined the drawer with the awesome fabric I had left over from Hobby Lobby and it's PeRfEcT!

 I love these oatmeal knobs.  I tried others, but they were too white.  I really like how soft these are.

 I am partial to the inside of a hutch being white. ;)

The inset in the door is amazing and I really wanted to frame it out, so I opted to keep the wood natural.  I gave it a coat of Danish Oil and then sealed it with Minwax Polyacrylic.  Yes, you can do that. Water based can go over oil based. :)

This one is


  1. Beautiful!!! And I see a little Lisa reflection in there too. :P


  2. Hi Lisa, I love this. Do you sand and prime before you paint? Your painted pieces are flawless! I think I need to try Sherwin Williams. Thank you

  3. Just perfect inset now the way you framed it.

  4. Gorgeous transformation! The insert on the door really pops now!!

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