Friday, June 26, 2015

Antique Vanity in Rhine River BM

I have a friend who sends me Craigslist listing by email (seriously, isn't she the greatest?  Thanks Sandy!).  I've already told you I hate the looking, contacting, picking up part of furniture, so her going through the trouble of looking for me and then sending them to me is such a huge help. :)  I was following up on a listing she sent to me (not this piece) and actually went to pick it up (I'm not kidding when I tell you I am NOT a shopper!  Ha-ha-hate it!) and when I walked into his garage I saw this sitting there!  

I asked him how much and when he told me I immediately said, "I'll take it."  (A big no-no for a bargain shoopper, but it was ALREADY a bargain so I forgave myself.)  He then tried to sell me this hideously ugly metal table set and I said, "Oh, I'm sorry, my truck is already full." (Phew!)

I absolutely love antique vanities.  And, this one had so many details (which posed me a little problem later on) and a gorgeous mirror to boot. AND...

all the drawers worked perfectly!  Woo hoo!


I know the pic is grainy but it had some major veneer issues on the drawers.  Lots of chips, missing pieces, and lifting.  The rest of it was in nice condition though (some chipping at the bottom of the sides, but I don't mind that). 

I've already told you I am head over heels for any shade of blue/green and I already had a color in mind for this baby.  I really hate how pics don't pick up very much of a green tint in a light shade of turquoise, but this one is yummy.  When the girl who mixed it for me opened the can she said, "Oooohhhh."  I said, "It makes you want to lick it, doesn't it."  (Yes, I do say things like that out public.)  She looked at me for a minute, then giggled, and said, "Yes!"  One more convert! :)


How can you not be in love with it??!!  
Ok, if you're not don't answer this question as it is rhetorical and if you are not in agreement with me I would have to seriously question your sanity.  I don't like to question people's sanity as it makes me a hypocrite (because my own is teetering on the brink).


Just say you're in love with it like I am!! <3!!!!

I had painted the groove on the bottom drawer silver at first, as well, but there was just too much going on and it kind of gave me a headache to look at it, so I painted over it, lightly distressed it, and called it good. Now you're eye just focus right down the center of the side pieces at the pops of silver.  I glazed them to warm them up a bit.   

These are still some of my favorite knobs, too. 

 I need a new camera!  This warm silver is so pretty against this muted turquoise. 

 She's sportin' gorgeous mahogany tops so I sanded them down, stained, and sealed. 

 I love this antique print paper and lined the drawers with it.  I'm still thinking of lining the back of the underneath part with it as well. 

Would love to know what you think! 

color = Rhine River by Benjamin Moore


  1. Gorgeous! Such a lovely piece. I have a 'craigslist spotter' too, aren't they the greatest? ;-)

  2. It gorgeous! I love the color! My daughter is my spotter on Craigslist. :). Hugs,

  3. OH, MY. Word, heck yeah, this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You do absolutely amazing work, Lisa. What a JOY to see your magic.

  4. Distressed with glaze and a brown paint mix..wax or another method? Love it!!

  5. You have the magic touch when it comes to painting! You waver your magic paint brush and WOW!
    Question what paint finish do you typically get when using BM or SW? Flat, eggshell, etc.
    I get excited when I open my email and see that "createinspire" has dropped by for a visit! It always makes me smile and inspires me! Thank you!


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