Monday, September 28, 2015

Antique Vanity

I almost don't want to say anything about this vanity.  It really is one of those pieces that you only get your hands on once in a lifetime (although I pray that's not the case!).  It's a beautiful piece and it was in very good condition (just some minor veneer issues on the inside panel). 

I was so excited to get to work on it that I forgot to take a before!  I can't believe I did that! 

The wood was beautiful.  It's made of mahogany, walnut, and maple.  I wanted to keep as much of it as possible, but still help all that detail stand out. 

I had a very hard time deciding what to do with it, so chose to keep it neutral.


The top was in such beautiful condition that I chose not to refinish it.  I used Minwax Antique Oil to revive and protect it. 

Same with these burled maple drawer fronts.  Just a little bit of oil and they looked amazing. I also chose to keep the original hardware.  I couldn't picture anything that would look more appropriate. 

 I also chose to keep the mirror frame natural and to contrast it by painting the spindles. 

 I painted the drawer fronts Hardware from Sherwin Williams and then painted the body and all the detail in my custom off white. 

 The feet are incredible and I glazed them to help the details pop. 

She is so beautiful.  Nuff said. 


  1. Oh my.....there really isn't anything to say. The beauty of it nearly brings a tear to my eye. Well done you!

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  3. WOW! I have never in my whole life seen such intricate design on a piece - I can see why you say "once in a lifetime" - it is AMAZING.

    I can't believe you don't have a before - but in this case, sure not needed. Beautiful work, Lisa.

  4. Wow that is a beautiful piece. You really don't see those often. I recently refinished my mother's old vanity and have been enjoying using it after bringing new life into it.

  5. Outstanding, just outstanding. Every time you out-do yourself. SW's Hardware is one of my favorite colors.

    La Verne@hope&salvage

  6. This is simply a masterpiece, and I have never used this word to describe a piece of furniture before!!

  7. Pinned this beauty. It might be one of the first times I've seen burled wood and loved it.

  8. You're right! It IS beautiful! Every now and then you get really lucky to find such a great piece. You treated it with respect.

  9. Lisa this piece is absolutely gorgeous! I am completely smitten with it. <3
    I would LOVE to feature any of your makeovers (with a before and after photo) on my new site DIY Furniture Makeovers ( and also promote you on social media - let me know if you're interested. :) Thank you!

  10. She is beautiful indeed and you are a master at painting. Seriously, your vision to see what a piece can become is amazing.

  11. She is beautiful indeed and you are a master at painting. Seriously, your vision to see what a piece can become is amazing.


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