Saturday, April 19, 2014

Antique Sewing Machine V

My daughter, Ania, loves to ask me questions like the funniest thing I've ever eaten, the most embarrassing thing I've ever done, etc.  If she ever asked me the most unlikely place I've found furniture this would have to be it!

A lovely friend of mine called and said they had purchased a house that was going to be torn down.  The couple who had lived there had left a few things and she wanted to know if I was interested.  I really didn't know what to expect.  When we pulled up I though "hmmm".  

There were a few treasures inside and this little table was one of them.  It's nothing fancy, but it's got a great little shape and I was happy to be able to save it.  This is #5! :)


I recently used French Blue from Old Town Paints on a hall tree I just refinished.  I loved the color so much and couldn't wait to find something else to put it on.  This little cutie was the perfect candidate.  


 I absolutely adore these cute little knobs! 

 It had a nice cherry top on it.  I stained it in Espresso from Varathane cuz I was out of Java Gel. :(
 I know why I switched now, but I think the top fits the style of the piece since I distressed it a little more. 

This piece will be available at my upcoming Refuge Home Decor Event on April 26th, 10-2
254 Miramar Dr, Allouez, WI



  1. Gorgeous color! I would have loved to see the inside of that old house. I always wonder what's behind the walls when I see a house like that! Beautiful makeover as always. I have a thing for sewing tables as well, although I've only done two so far. They are so charming. :)

  2. Beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!



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