Monday, April 7, 2014

Antique Waterfall Cedar Chest

I found this cedar chest in a cramped little thrift store.  I'm so glad it went unnoticed!  I wish I knew who it first belonged to and how many people stored their treasures in it over the decades. 

You already know I'm not a huge fan of waterfall furniture, but this had a great scalloped base and a beautiful top (and the inside is perfect) so it went in the back of the truck to come home and be loved again. :)



I decided I wasn't going to take the wardrobe I recently finished to my furniture show, so I wanted to take something else that color (because I love it!).  This is Drizzle from SW mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with another turquoise I had on hand.  

 Such a pretty piece of wood on the top.  Stained in Java Gel from General Finishes.  Love the light and dark in the grain!

I can see this piece at the end of some little princess's bed!

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  1. Very, very nice, Lisa. The colors, including the wood, are very appealing, and the scallops are perfectly highlighted. You mention a furniture show. Where and when is that?

    1. Thank you Leslie! It's on April 26th from 10-2 at 254 Miramar Dr, Allouez, WI :)

  2. So pretty Lisa! I didn't even notice the scalloped details in the before photo. Paint works wonders!

  3. Hey. I'm a princess (mayhap not a little one).... And it just so happens I need something for the foot of my bed.

    Ahem. =D


  4. I love the way you do ever piece so differently! The natural top is gorgeous and that blue just pops!! You are awesome!!!


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