Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cute Side Table

This little table was wood.........painted to look like wood....hmmmm.  It was cute before, but I'm really liking it in black.


It looks like wood!  It was actually a buttery yellow brushed in a dark orange.


 I only scuff sanded this because I wanted that orangey tone to come through when I distressed it.

 I really like the original hardware on this.  So glad I didn't paint it.

 I knew this table was going in my client's bathroom so I covered the paper in contact paper so it would be water or toothpaste proof (it's removable, too). :)

Someone told me this week that pictures just don't do the actual pieces justice.  I agree. This little table is so cute I just stared at it for a minute before I left my shop today. ;)

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