Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dining Table in White

This was a beautiful little dining set.  I really like the chunky turned legs on the table and chairs.  We decided to redo it in white and I love how it just pops in her kitchen now.  I didn't have room in my shop to take pictures so I asked her if we could take a few at her house, but I forgot my camera!  So, she took the pictures for me and was nice enough to let me boss her around a little to get a few shots--so a big THANK YOU--she's a sweet girl. ;)



Love the white against this mocha color with pops of pretty.

Lightly distressed (see, I can restrain myself!).

The top is actually a laminate so I used an adhesion primer and let it cure a little longer between coats.  Then finished with 3 coats of poly.  Was really happy with how the finish turned out.

color = Greek Villa

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