Friday, May 15, 2015

Reproduction Music Table

I was "kind of" "talked into" buying this unique table (thanks Sandy!) ;).
I didn't really know how I felt about it.  Neither here nor there, I guess.  It's very unique but the whole cherry/gold thing was throwing me off, along with the base and the gold feet.  I guess I was just thinking, "It's really not my thing."  But, no matter, she gave it to me for a good price and I was happy to take it off her hands for her.  

I thought I knew what I was going to do with it right up until I got my paint out.  Then I totally changed my mind and went in the complete opposite direction.  AND, am so glad I did! 

Btw, this is just a reproduction so I didn't have any qualms about painting it (as if I ever do, ha!).


I was going to do it antique white, with a dark top, and do the feet and "strings" in ORB, but decided I wanted it to look a little moodier. 


I ended up mixing what I had left of my Ash from Fusion Mineral Paints with my stock black from SW.  It turned out to be a very dark graphite, which I am loving more and more. It's not as stark as black which I'm liking. 

I did prime it in black though, so when I distressed there would be some variation in the color.  It was still lacking a little something so I got out my gilding cream!  It's hard not to go crazy with this stuff!  I love how it glides on and how you can manipulate it with dark or clear wax.  I just played with it until I had the look I wanted. 

You can see the contrast of the gilding creme on the middle here and then on the base below. 

I sanded the drawer fronts down to the bare wood, then dark and clear waxed them.  I love the grain in cherry and I absolutely love the contrast with these awesome library pulls from D Lawless Hardware.  You really should check them out if you haven't yet.  They have a wide selection at really good prices.   


  1. Totally LOVE what you did with this table! And the blue that you chose really complements the wood. Love it!

  2. Wow! This table is GORGEOUS! When I saw the very first picture, I thought it was an awful looking table, it's hard to believe it's the same piece. What inspiring creativity! You did a fabulous job!


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