Friday, May 29, 2015

Vintage Dresser

My husband travels a lot for work.  Last week he texts me a picture of two dressers in a set.  They were so beautiful and I asked him why he was texting the pics to me.  He had been looking on Craigslist and found these for me and said he would pick them up on the way home.  I'm telling you, this guy, he's way too good to me.  I was so excited.  

Other than a few chips in the veneer on the bottom they were both in great condition.  I had an original plan for this one, but in the middle of working on it it totally changed.  I just wasn't feeling my original idea and decided to go a different direction.  I'm so glad I did.  

This is one of those pieces I just can't stop looking at!

**side note:  I got a message on Hometalk the other day from a woman who said she couldn't stop staring at the Ash buffet I did and was using it as her wallpaper on her computer.  How funny is that?!


I don't know why, but it just doesn't do anything for me this way.  It's nice, but blah. 


Now this is something I want for myself!! :)  Everything detail just pops now.  You can appreciate the craftsmanship and the detail work that went into it.  

The color is just a custom mix I made from about 4 left over whites I had on hand. I think it's very similar to Antique White from General Finishes.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do something fun on the inside, but wanted to keep the colors warm, so opted for Tuscan Red from General Finishes for the inside drawers/

It had a gorgeous top on it (the rest of the piece is cherry, but the top doesn't look like cherry to me...).  I sanded it down, gave it one coat of Java Gel from GF and about 4 coats of their High Performance Top Coat in flat. 

I used a stencil to do the door and then sanded them down and dark waxed the edges to give it a little depth.  The doors had this awesome bumpy texture on them from the original finish and I love how it looked after I sanded back the second color (it doesn't look painted on).

What can I say about these knobs??  LOVE them!! 

The corners and the feet had metal work on them, but I didn't really like the way it looked, so I simply painted over them and the glazed them so they would stand out. 

The doors were bumpy but the drawers are as smooth as silk.  I glazed the grooves of the insets so they would pop. 

I really am so in love with this one!!


  1. oh my gosh i love love love this piece - it's incredible

    well done, stunning work, darlin

    hugs that husband , whatta guy!

  2. Is this for sale and do ship to Utah? I need this!

  3. Very nice job! It's good to have a husband that checks cl for you!


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