Saturday, August 4, 2012

Antique Buffet in Cream

I love old buffets.  Especially when they're on legs (you should know all about my leg fetish by now!). When I bought this I didn't look too closely until I got it home.  My mistake, but I'm glad I took it anyway.  When my 12 yr old son saw it he said, "Mom!  Why did you buy that?  It's ugly!!"  lol  He has no vision.....yet.  :)  

check out her paint job--for some reason it reminds me of pool balls (don't ask me why, lol)

 Oh, the joys of peeling veneer!  This is what I didn't realize when I picked her up.  There was a piece of wood over the bottom edge covering up where it was peeling.  I should have caught it then, but if I had I'm not sure I would have brought her home.  So, I guess it worked out ok. :)  I love the internet--found a great idea that made removing this beastly stuff a little easier.  I just took a wet towel and a hot iron and held it place for about a minute.  It softened the veneer and loosened the glue and peeled right off (with a little elbow grease).  


I just love the chippy look!!

 The other pictures make this piece look white, but it's really a cream (you can tell the difference between the candle sticks and the top of the buffet).  It's very pretty in this soft color.

I've become obsessed with lining the drawers!  Some of them are pretty bad and need a little help.  These weren't too bad, but I just like how finished it looks.

She's found a new home already and I must admit--I'm a little jealous!!  (shhhhh.....)

color = Cream SW

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